Tribal / Casino Injury Claims

Connecticut’s two casinos, Mohegan Sun and Foxwoods, have independent tribal court systems - and our attorneys are admitted to practice in each of them. In general, if a person is injured while at the casino due to another's negligence, a claim may have to be filed in the tribal court. Only attorneys licensed in each respective tribal court may file such claims. These types of claims may involve slip and falls due to ice, liquid spills, tripping hazards, or other unsafe conditions within the casino, wrongful death, negligent security, and motor vehicle accidents on the casino property. Importantly, tribal law is more restrictive than Connecticut law. For example, in most cases, there are strict time limitations that require a lawsuit to be filed within 1 year from the date of the accident - and the failure to adhere to that requirement may cause the lawsuit to be barred. Moreover, while Mohegan Sun and Foxwoods are often the defendants in these cases, it is imperative to determine the identity of any other proper defendants - there are hundreds of non-tribal entities operating inside of the casino. For these reasons, early legal consultation with the attorneys at Faulkner & Graves is strongly recommended.

The attorneys at Faulkner & Graves also represent victims injured by drunk drivers who were negligently served alcohol at the Connecticut casinos. There are strict time and notice requirements with respect to these claims. If you are injured by a drunk driver who consumed alcohol while at a Connecticut casino, you should consult with the attorneys at Faulkner & Graves as soon as possible to investigate your claim and determine if you are required to file it in tribal court.

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