Insurance Litigation

Failure to Provide Coverage

Insurance companies are known to avoid covering certain losses. When that occurs it may be necessary to sue so that a Court may decide if its denial is proper. The rule of law is that any uncertainty, which exists in a policy, is to be resolved against the company.

Uninsured and Underinsured Motorist Coverage

In recent years, it has become too common that the motorist at fault for an accident has also violated the law by operating their car or other motor vehicle without insurance or with dollar policy limits that are too low to adequately compensate the victim for their injuries or losses. Most accident victims do not realize that their own car insurance policies may provide them with monetary compensation if they are injured by another car driver who has no insurance or coverage that is inadequate to compensate for the loss. These claims are respectively called uninsured motorist and underinsured motorist claims. Our experience in making these types of claims is extensive and one of our attorneys has written many articles on this type of insurance coverage.

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Improper Cancellation of Policy

Our state has laws, which provide the steps an insurance company must take in order to cancel a policy properly. If these steps are not followed, the policy will remain in effect. However, it may be necessary to sue the company to enforce the coverage.

Bad Faith

Sometimes insurance companies fail to settle claims brought against the person they insure, such conduct may give rise to a bad faith lawsuit against the insurance company if their insured's assets and property have been put in jeopardy by their failure to resolve the case with the injured party.