$92,500 Settlement - Car Accident - Shoulder Injury - Underinsured Motorist Coverage

Client was rear-ended on Route 12 in Griswold, CT. At time of impact, her right arm was outstretched to grip the stick shift. The forceful crash caused her to suffer injury to her right shoulder resulting in the development of chronic tendinitis and bursitis. Over time, she required a surgical procedure to alleviate the pain and restriction of motion related to those conditions. Her medical bills totaled over $20,000 and she lost time from her work as an x-ray technician.

There was only $25,000 of insurance covering the motorist who caused the accident. Attorney Shelley Graves quickly obtained an offer for those policy limits and then filed an additional insurance claim with our client's own automobile insurance company seeking a type of benefits called underinsured motorist benefits. Attorney Graves was able to secure for $67,500 from her client's policy making for a total settlement for her client of $92,500.