$960,000 Settlement - Man Loses Use of Right Eye - East Lyme

Attorney Kevin Smith secured a $960,000 settlement for a 26-year-old client who lost the use of his right eye at a body shop in East Lyme.  The client was not an employee of the garage, but while there, the owner asked him to help dislodge a hitch from a truck in the garage bay.  At the owner's direction, the client struck the hitch with a sledgehammer, and a shard of hot burning metal shot into his right eye.  

The young client's eye injury included tears of the retina, rupture of the globe, and hemorrhages. He underwent four surgeries within three months, but his vision was permanently lost. 

Smith held the body shop accountable for asking the young client to assist and after doing that, negligently failing to provide required safety glasses for the task at hand.