$275,000 Settlement - Shoulder Surgeries After Car Crash with Delivery Truck

Attorney Kevin Smith secured a $275,000 settlement for a 61-year-old client, who was required to undergo two shoulder surgeries after a car crash caused by a delivery truck operated by a FedEx employee. After making a residential delivery, the truck pulled out of a driveway onto a road on which our client was driving causing our client to strike the truck and veer off the road, slamming into a tree.

Even though the client had a prior surgery to the same shoulder approximately 15 years earlier, Attorney Smith was able to demonstrate that the shoulder was asymptomatic prior to the accident and that the collision with the truck caused the need for the additional surgery. Smith also focused on the client's anxiety relating to the surgery - which had to be cancelled twice due to elevated blood pressure - and the client's fear of having to live the rest of his life through the shoulder pain without surgery. After lengthy negotiations, FedEx ultimately agreed to settle the claim for $275,000.