$212,500 Settlement - Fall Down - Negligent Placement of Electrical Cords

The plaintiff was a 75 year-old woman attending her regularly scheduled standing appointment at her local franchise hair salon. As she stood up from the stylist's chair, her feet became entangled in electrical cords running in the area of the chair and counter causing her to violently fall to the floor slamming her right shoulder on her way down. These cords were a hazard waiting to happen at this salon.

The plaintiff was rushed to the emergency room and diagnosed with a dislocated right shoulder. Later when she followed with an orthopedic specialist, she was diagnosed with a rotator cuff tear requiring surgical repair. The plaintiff, although older and retired, was very active in her local community and an avid quilter. She made incredible quilts and Santa dolls which she donated to homeless children's shelters and our Troops in Iraq during the holiday season. After her accident, it was difficult and painful for her to quilt and knit.

With the work of Attorney Kara M. Crismale, her case settled for $212,500.00.