$137,500 Settlement - Fall On Ice - Ankle Fracture

On a cold night in January, 2009, Dale W. was playing in pool league at a local bar in Montville called, Shortys. It wasn't snowing but it was freezing out. He played a mean game of pool that night and decided to leave the bar around 11pm. What he didn't know was that there was a sheet of black ice in the parking lot. He slipped and fell and fractured his ankle.

There were several witnesses to the accident and neighboring store owners within the strip mall came forward to give statements. Attorney Crismale promptly went out to the scene and found some additional interesting information. Right above the sheet of ice where Dale fell was a gutter in disrepair. Attorney Crismale secured the weather forecast records to establish that it had recently rained and that subsequent temperatures were well below freezing. These facts added together proved that the broken gutter had created a puddle below it that froze into black ice. The case settled within one year of the accident for $137,500.00.