Pfizer Sued Over Accident, Contract Worker Injured When Acid Bottle Exploded

January 29, 2005, The Day, by Anthony Cronin

A Waterford man has filed suit against Pfizer, Inc., alleging that the pharmaceutical maker was negligent and caused him serious injuries when a bottle of acid exploded near his work area. George J. Boras, a 25 year old Quaker Hill resident, filed suit against Pfizer in New London Superior court earlier this month . . . Attorney Dale P. Faulkner . . . said Friday that Boras was injured Nov. 7, 2003 while working as a contracted laboratory technician at Pfizer's sprawling research campus in Groton. According to the lawsuit, Boras was working in a chemical processing room when a capped, one-liter bottle of corrosive formic acid exploded on a nearby cart.

NOTE: This lawsuit was later settled by Attorneys Dale Faulkner and Shelley Graves for a confidential amount.