$175,000 Settlement - Workplace Injury (Police Officer) - Amputated Fingertip

Our client, a police officer, was injured during the arrest of an intoxicated motorist. While trying to safely contain the combative female within the police cruiser, the officer's finger was closed in the cruiser door and the tip of his index finger was amputated.

Though the amputated fingertip was saved, surgeons were unable to re-attach it. Our client underwent an initial surgery to remove remaining bone fragments and has required several later operations due to complications. Fortunately, the amputation was to the officer's non-dominant hand and he has been able to continue serving on the police force.

Attorney Shelley Graves and Attorney Dale Faulkner were able to secure a settlement offer of $175,000.00 which they were pleased to recommend to their client especially because there were issues concerning the applicability of insurance coverage where the drunk driver's actions resisting the arrest were intentional as well as claims of comparative negligence against the officer.