Confidential Settlement Reached for Drowning Death of 19 y.o. Woman in Ocean Beach Park Pool

Attorneys Shelley Graves and Kara Crismale successfully negotiated a settlement for the family of Lobsang Dolma, a 19 year old woman who died while swimming in the lifeguard manned Olympic size swimming pool at Ocean Beach Park. A lawsuit was brought against the operator of the park, Boston Culinary Group, and against the City of New London, its owner. Multiple depositions were taken by Graves and Crismale in order to gather the evidence needed to show that the lifeguards on duty were distracted and negligently failed to scan the waters as they were trained to do. Expert witnesses were retained to substantiate that Lobsang was submerged and drowning in the pool in front of the lifeguards unnoticed for more than 5 minutes.

Lobsang was a Montville high school graduate and entering her second year of college at the time of her death. Her family, teachers and friends were prepared to testify to what a beautiful, smart, joyful and sweet person Lobsang Dolma was, with a bright future ahead of her. As is often needed in a wrongful death case, our law firm also secured an economist to provide expert testimony that based on her education and her intent to go into the accounting field, Lobsang would likely have earned over 2 million dollars during the course of her life.