$100,000 Arbitration Award – Rear End Accident – Hernia Repaired 18 Days Before Accident Torn

Our client was a front-seat passenger involved in a rear-end car accident. The impact forcefully threw her body forward and back into her seat. She was taken by ambulance from the scene to the emergency room as she was experiencing abdominal pain. Just 18 days before the accident, our client had a hernia operation and, it was found through CT Scan, that the impact from the accident tore the mesh holding her hernia in place. Subsequently, she had to undergo two additional surgeries to repair the damage caused by the accident. The defendant's insurance company would not budge from its low offer even with liability being so clear and the court recommending it pay its policy limits of $100K. Through strategic alternative dispute resolution practices, namely a binding arbitration, Attorney Kara Crismale secured the policy limits for our client in a quick and efficient manner.